How To Choose The Perfect Elopement Wedding Dress


How To Choose The Perfect Elopement Wedding Dress

I know first hand that picking out an elopement wedding dress is one of the most exciting parts of the elopement planning process! There are a lot of factors to consider when picking an elopement dress that differ from picking out a traditional wedding dress. For instance, you need to find a dress that makes you feel on top of the world and also lets you climb to new heights while adventuring. Most importantly, you will want to find something that is comfortable to get around since your elopement day will more than likely be filled with adventure from hikes to epic locations, rock climbing or even skiing!

It’s enough of a challenge when trying to pick out the perfect wedding dress for a traditional wedding but throw in all of these additional factors and it can be overwhelming to say the least! I’m going to dive deep into the factors that I think make or break an elopement dress. So, let’s dive on in…

What Is An Elopement Wedding Dress?

I can still remember how overwhelmed I was when I went wedding dress shopping. There are so many styles of dresses to choose from but the biggest thing to consider is movement. When I photograph traditional weddings, there are times when the bride has a difficult time getting from point A to point B. The dresses photograph beautifully but they are not the best option for mobility. On your elopement day, you will want to be able to frolic, hike, run, snowboard, rock climb, and adventure freely in your dress without any limitations. When picking your elopement dress, base it off of the activity. Going on a 4 mile hike? Try picking a lighter packable dress. Going rock climbing? Try picking a dress that works with your equipment. You get the gist!

Your Elopement Wedding Dress Fabric

Lightweight fabrics like chiffon, tulle, and organza are some of my favorites because they offer a lot of natural movement. The skirt is normally made up of layers and they just look so whimsical while out adventuring. While this is one of my favorite types of skirts to photograph, be warned that you will become a human stick and leaf magnet. Don’t let that stop you though! It just adds to the charm of an elopement and consider me your official wedding dress skirt de-leafer.

If you know me, you know that my all time favorite bridal look is an elegant and timeless one. Fabrics like satin, polyester and silk can give you a very streamlined and classic look. The fabrics won’t move like a lighter weight fabric but the textures will shine all on their own.

Dresses with lace and embroidery are very popular! There are some incredibly beautiful dresses with lace and embroidery out there. The neat thing about lace is it can give off a variety of vibes from classic to boho. And, lace offers a lot of visual interest. The fabric options are endless!

Hiking In An Elopement Wedding Dress

The best dresses for hiking are A line dresses because the flowing skirts allow you to move around. A dress like a mermaid style would be far too restricting and limit your movement. So, my best piece of advice would be to find something with a loose skirt. If your elopement includes a hike that is 5 miles or more, I highly suggest finding an elopement wedding dress that is super light weight and packable.

Let’s Shop For Your Perfect Dress!!!!

Shop my favorite styles:

  • Jenny Yoo is one of my all time favorite designers! I love how classic and timeless her dresses are 😍
  • Bhldn has a ton of options for every style! This A line skirt would offer a lot of beautiful movement to photos!
  • When looking for affordable wedding dresses, don’t forget to check Lulus! They have some great options that are perfect for elopements just like this beautiful tulle gown!
  • Reformation has some really good options if you are on the market for an eco-friendly dress! One of my favorite options is the Lecce Dress.
  • Lastly, don’t forget to check Etsy! Etsy is truly the best and you can find almost anything on there. They have some great options and I have had a lot of brides purchase their dress their only to be over the moon with their unique find!

Now that you have all of my favorites and tips on how to pick out your perfect elopement wedding dress for your elopement think of me as your go to elopement photographer! I love telling your story exactly they way it is. If you can dream it up, I want to plan it and photograph it. One of the best things about elopements is that they are whatever you want them to be. I am so ready to be a part of your adventurous elopement day next, if you are too, then fill out my contact form and let’s do it!

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